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Live Casino | Official Site Singapore

Welcome to the best of both worlds for lovers of online gambling and casino games! The live casino offers bettors the chance to experience the thrills of live casino, jump the waiting queue, and eliminate the noise from buzzing machines around the gaming house. Punters can enjoy these benefits and more right from the comfort of their living room. Despite the similarities to an online casino, live casino offers some marked differences. Differences include the following:

Presence of Croupier

In live casinos, there is the presence of a dealer compared the online casino where a Random Number Generator (RNG) determines the outcome of the dice, card draw or wheel spin. Although but situations are random, players in a live casino can interact with the croupier which makes the process slow and humanlike similar to the experience at physical gaming locations. Furthermore, the dealer starts and ends the game, while also taking bets from the players.


The presence of live high definition video streaming means that each player can see others and the dealer giving the live casino the feeling of grouping around a table to play. This ability to communicate gives a human legitimacy to the game with players knowing they are testing their wits against fellow players rather than a mechanical robot. K9win provides a seamless video streaming experience for punters wishing to test their wits on the live casino games on the site. The chat feature interface makes communication with the dealer easy as well as chatting with other players in the lobby, which is not possible when playing in an online casino. Players can interact with the dealer in real-time; ask questions, including a request to stand a particular round during play similar to games at physical locations.

Virtual Reality Simulation

Playing live casino has a feel of real-life simulation compared to online casino. The viewing of cards being shuffled, real-life dealer revealing the hands of each dealer. Also, players can change camera angles allowing them to have total control over the virtual reality simulation thereby enhancing the gaming experience all which cannot be obtained in an online casino. Along with these benefits, live casino offers three popular wide varieties of games which are blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Although obscure in some places, other forms of games on offer include Dream Catcher, Texas Hold’em, Poker and Sic Bo. Also, live casinos operate on the same principles as obtained in physical location casino. These principles ensure that players are not scammed of their wagers, providing players with a truly wonderful experience. Once a player knows the kind of game they wish to play via live casinos, the next step is finding a platform that provides a professional live dealer. K9win offers clients a reputable platform with well-trained dealers to help punters achieve maximum gaming satisfaction.

Conclusion The options provided by live casinos truly make them an exciting gaming adventure for both new and returning players. By offering the gaming experience from physical casinos in the comfort of the room, the players are provided with a truly unforgettable experience.